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Will the Android OS Get Corrupted if You Unlock Your Samsung S6?

When the Samsung Galaxy S6, first released, it took the smartphone world by storm, as it had some of the newest features. It came with a 5-inch qHD display, a first for Samsung, and had the most powerful processor at the time and some superb rear cameras. It also picked up the trend for including fingerprint sensors and introduced a curved version of the device called the S6 edge.

Since its release, it has been some time, but the phone still remains in use and its build quality and engineering is a testament to how long it has lasted. Today most of the phones are out of contract and people are looking for options to get rid of the lock on their devices. Worry not for you can easily unlock Samsung Galaxy S6.

What is unlocking?

When you purchase a mobile phone through a carrier, you do not have to pay the full price of the device and can pay it in easy monthly instalments. This makes owning an expensive handset a viable option. For those of you staying in one city and do not travel as much, this is a great idea. Yet, if you travel and like to customize your network plans, it might not be the best option. So unlocking might seem like the best solution.

You can use the details of your device, such as IMEI number, device number, country of purchase and details of your network to generate a code that will remove the lock. The lock-in question is a network lock placed on your device by the carrier you purchased it from. They can allow only a certain bandwidth of the signal to work on your device and barricade all the rest.

So when you get the code, which is specific only to your device, you can go on a website or take the help of a service to get your phone unlocked. The procedure takes a few minutes and is only a onetime event.

What does it do to my device?  

The concerned ones reading this right now are wondering if it will cause any damage to your device; well there is no reason to worry. The unlock process only breaks the carrier enforced lock and will not affect, performance, battery life or any data on your smartphone. Another query that many of you will have is, will it alter any OS code? The answer is quite simple, NO. The unlocking process does not have anything to do with the operating system of the device. It is only designed to break a network restriction.

What advantage does it give me?

For your Samsung Galaxy S6 owners, who have kept the iphone in tip top condition, there is one serious advantage that comes with unlocking the smartphone; the price of the device goes up. Yes, if you are planning on selling it for an upgrade, you can now finance it quite easily. The reason for this is due to the fact that an unlocked device can be now used anywhere in the world.

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