Why Podcasts are the Next Big Thing in the UK in 2019

Why Podcasts are the Next Big Thing in the UK in 2019

Television, radio, and print – any advertising school would tell you that these are some of the most basic and traditional advertising channels. The World Wide Web – now, the cyberspace has become part of the more stable and prominent channels for products and services promotions.

Advertisers go after any medium where they can streamline their products or services. Digital marketers have long understood the power of the Internet as far as advertising and brand promotion are concerned. Because of online marketing and advertising, branches and forms of this marketing platform emerged, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and cost per impression (CPM). However, online advertising continues to evolve, which means many other advertising platforms exist in today’s markets.

The massive availability of the Internet due to portable devices like laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones has resulted in other forms of online advertising, including advertising in podcasts. If you are not very familiar with podcasts, this definition by Wikipedia may shed some light. Basically, today’s podcasts are based online and they can be watched or heard through apps and websites. As long as you have Internet connection, you can listen or watch a podcast. Almost all topics under the sun are covered by podcasts. Love cars? There’s a podcast for that. Love game hunting? There’s a podcast for that. So, is advertising on podcasts really worth a shot? This may be a loaded question but dissecting associated components, pros and cons, and feasibility can lead us to answers.

The bitter truth that any digital marketer must deal with is that audiences do not like commercials. Since podcast programs usually have limited time, from 15 minutes to an hour, audiences want to get the best out of them without having to deal with lengthy advertisements. Majority of podcast listeners/viewers only want to get information they need, no more, no less. Hence, audiences tend to be wary of commercials. So, in this type of podcast culture, will advertising work? Yes, but with little considerations on the length of time the products or services are advertised. Promoting your brand for not more than 60 seconds will not bug podcast audiences since it only takes little portion of the show. However, if you insist on promoting relentlessly as if you are advertising on TV, chances are, listeners/viewers will be turned off, compromising the goals of your advertising campaign. As it is, the rule of thumb when it comes to advertising on podcasts is: make it short but catchy.

For example, promoting your making tax digital for VAT brand on podcasts may not be too easy to successfully accomplish but once you get the hang of it, everything will go on your way. Podcast audiences tend to be very loyal and appreciative of the programs they follow, which is why targeting them can be beneficial on your part. Your target audience is very specific that you can easily relay your message to them. Additionally, because they believe in the programs they follow, you may expect them to advertise the products and services you are promoting to their friends and colleagues. However, the challenge on the part of the digital marketer is to maintain connection with their specialized audiences to keep them loyal.

If you have a making tax digital for VAT company that can be associated with specialized market, you may want to consider advertising on podcasts that are related to your business. For example: if you have an electronic gadget business, you may want to advertise on podcast programs doing gadget reviews, news, and predictions. Simply put, make your brand relevant to the topic to gain the attention of the audience.

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