What types of problems are solved by OpenShift?

What types of problems are solved by OpenShift?

The Open Shift Container Platform is a cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS) that computerize the provisioning and system administration of its application platform. The Open Shift consulting company like by various companies because it offers an environment of development, testing and development of applications on demand, elastic, scalable and fully configured for application developers. It facilitates developers to devote more time in coding new application services.

Business problems solved by OpenShift:

  1. Continued development and deployment cycles: – Inflexible infrastructure waits for IT operations teams from supporting development processes and delivering the right platforms. Without the ability to offer self-service capabilities, their developers are enforced to remain for IT staff to provide the platforms.
  2. Prolonged supply response times: – By forcing developers to wait for the platforms to be provisions, the launch of new applications and services will postpone.
  3. Process interruption:-When their developers cannot access self-service infrastructures; they have to spend considerable time to configuring tools and systems. By this way, they must change their centre of attention from basic design and coding hard work to configuration and maintenance everyday jobs.
  4. Security risks: – The inconsistencies in the platform and the long processes of identification and resolution of problems make it complicated for IT teams to mitigate the issues and limit the exposure.

The Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform facilitates organizations develop, deploy and handle existing and container-based applications transparently in physical, virtual and public cloud infrastructures. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, based on proven open source technologies, help out IT development teams and IT operations to update applications, offer latest services and accelerate development procedures.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration abilities allow its developers to distribute access to applications for team development, providing the advantages of community-driven innovation to a particular company.

  1. Support for Innovation

Open Shift Enterprise by Red Hat offers an enterprise-level PaaS solution with ease of use and implementation flexibility for the consumer. The IT teams can utilize a flexible infrastructure that promotes experimentation, iteration and quick innovation, accelerating the development and deployment of innovative solutions without relying on main business initiatives to an external organization or public cloud providers.

  1. Consistency

Open Shift Enterprise by Red Hat can help any organization simplify IT procedures and continuously deliver a platform and a set of known tools. The developers of a company can devote their time to the right path or right job, such as designing attractive user interfaces and suitable database architecture, instead of configuring the firewall settings or adjusting the operating system.

  1. Familiarity

With Open Shift Enterprise from Red Hat, its developers can have right of entry a variety of popular programming languages and expand the limits of application imagination and innovation, while gathering the business requirements of the company. Open Shift Enterprise contains support for Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, as well as Node.js for server-side JavaScript.

  1. The reduction of risks

Red Hat Open Shift Enterprise supports a quick delivery and development methodology. The IT teams can recognize security flaws and execute corrections in production environments in lesser time.

Open Shift is the platform as a service of Red Hat (PaaS) that permits developers to develop, host and scale applications quickly in a cloud environment. With openshift consulting, a client has various offers, including open source, online, on-premise and online project options.

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