What People Say About AIS 140

What People Say About AIS 140

The AIS 140 mandate has become a very talked about topic amongst vehicular fleet companies and public vehicle owners. AIS 140 or Automotive Industry Standard no.140 is a set of safety standards that all public service and commercial vehicles in India must adhere by. The basic outline of AIS 140 is that the aforementioned classes of vehicles must all be equipped with AIS 140 certified devices such as emergency/panic button, a camera surveillance system and a GPS tracking device. This move has been made by the road transport department of India so that public and road safety can be well maintained and monitored. The AIS 140 standard also helps the road transport department to effectively manage the ever growing traffic in India. Initially, the mandate had been met with skepticism on how effective it would be. However, the tide seems to have turned and it seems that commercial and public service vehicle owners are enjoying the benefits of the AIS 140 mandate.

We asked some commercial and public vehicle owners and drivers on their views on the AIS 140 standards and a common response that we received is that the AIS 140 standard has made the vehicle management much more productive. Gurpreet Singh is an owner of a carpool fleet. He is based out of Gurgaon and his vehicles run throughout Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. As per him, ensuring safety of travelling passengers was a very challenging task in these areas until the introduction of AIS 140. Now all his drivers and customers feel safer while traveling as they know that they are surrounded by a certified surveillance and security system. The company has seen a surge in its number of customers since the introduction of the mandate. He also adds that AIS 140 certified companies offer very good after sale customer care whenever he faces a problem with the system. This shows that the level of professionalism the AIS 140 certified companies needs to demonstrate is quite high.

Devesh Verma is the owner of a logistics company and has a huge number of trucks at his disposal. He too was a skeptic when AIS 140 was first introduced. After some months of using the AIS 140 devices, his views on the mandate has changed. According to him, the devices have enabled him to manage his fleet much more efficiently. The various features and the AIS 140 notifications have helped him to keep track of his fleet operations with much more accuracy. With the help of the system he can now keep track of his vehicles and their whereabouts. With the help of GPS navigation, the trucks reach their destination within a very short time. This means that more assignments can be given to them within a time frame. There is a boost of productivity in his company and it is gaining huge profits. This testimony proves how this simple mandate if followed properly, can not only improve the road safety but it can also improve productivity of businesses which ultimately helps the economic growth of the country.

AIS 140 does not only help large scale businesses but it also helps medium and small scale businesses. Sudeep Ganguly owns a fleet of rental cars he has a very positive outlook on the mandate. However, this was not always the case. When AIS 140 was mandated, Sudeep’s company was already incurring heavy losses. His customer base was dropping quickly and the vehicles too were wearing out very quickly. Though the AIS 140 GPS device price was high for him, Sudeep found out that it was the device and its system that would save his business from collapsing. The system’s features helped Sudeep to improve his business’s accountability. Now he could monitor the whereabouts his vehicles to check if they are going off route or are being misused in anyway. The system has also helped him to keep his fleet well maintained. The system’s data has helped him to optimize his business in such a way that his customer base has increased significantly. Complying with the AIS 140 standards has helped Sudeep save his company from a certain doom.

We had also interviewed a community of commercial and public vehicle drivers. They had only one view on the mandate and it was surprisingly positive. The general view is that the mandate has helped them to drive without fear. Devices like the emergency button and GPS is helps them to call for help in emergency situations and navigate through dangerous roads safely. One of them also points out that they are being able to provide adequate safety to their passengers and that makes them happy as drivers. After interviewing these people, it is safe to say that the crowd is viewing the AIS 140 mandate very positively.

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