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Ways to increase views for your YouTube videos?

If you are a regular YouTuber then the number of views, likes and subscriptions matter to you a lot. Not only it is important for getting you the necessary fame but also your career and finances run on YouTube. So, if you feel that your number of subscribers has got stagnated to one particular digit or you are not getting enough views then there are some simple tricks which you can follow. These tricks will help you to increase your subscribers as well as to get a number of views.

The steps are discussed below:

  1. Share the content: If you’re limiting yourself only to YouTube, you might not be able to reach to a large scale of audience. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to share your videos on other social media portals as well. The number of active users on Facebook is currently twice the number of active users on YouTube. So, it will be beneficial for you if you share the YouTube video on your Facebook channel as well. All you have to do is use a YouTube to Facebook converter tool which will convert your video making it compatible with Facebook. As soon as your audience clicks on the converted video on your Facebook page, they will be redirected to your YouTube channel and they will have to watch the video there. In this way, your number of views will increase on the video and if your content is good, you will gain subscribers too.
  2. Attractive Thumbnails: Since there are a lot of videos both on YouTube and Facebook, you need to be unique and cut an edge over the others. Therefore, to gain the attention of your audience you need to have an attractive thumbnail. The thumbnail is like a cover of the book. People will only click on your video if they find an interesting thumbnail. When you share your YouTube video to Facebook, make sure you get the thumbnail customised as per Facebook’s requirements. You can get this done with the help of a YouTube to a Facebook thumbnail generator. On converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail, share it on your timeline and request your fans and friends to share them too!
  3. Collaborate with other companies: If you find while making a video you are using products of some famous brands, then try to team up with those brands and create content which will benefit both the parties. In that way, your followers and followers of a particularly famous brand will relate to your video and share it more.
  4. Interact with your subscribers: When you start getting fame, do not think yourself to be at the top of the world. Make sure you remain humble and connected to your fan base. They made you who you are, so do not forget to personally reply to them as much as possible. Also, organise giveaways where you can send personalised gifts to your fans. In that way, they will stay more connected to you and will also look forward to your next content. Your fans will let their friends know about you and increase your popularity fourfold.

Follow these steps and your views will surely increase!

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