Seagrass Rugs

Things you should know before buying Seagrass Rugs

The natural area rugs are a popular trend of choice amongst rug buyers in the present times. Out of these seagrass flooring covers have gained a lot of favours. These are high-quality natural rugs which are both soft as well as durable.

With seagrass rugs, which can also be blended with other natural fibres, one can get comfortable, naturally appealing and long lasting natural area rugs capable of adding beauty to any room.

Why seagrass rugs?

There are many intricate designs and weaves which are found in the seagrass flooring covers of varied kinds.

  • You can give a warm hue to a room with the seagrass carpets. Apart from being a great styling choice, seagrass rugs also forms a durable and economical option. It is one of the highly favourite choices for many interior designers in recent times.
  • Seagrass carpets and flooring covers provide for a highly versatile option which can lend an accent and character to a room. Seagrass fibres, being a natural choice have an amazing ability to blend and complement the different kinds of stylish option and furnishings present in a home space.
  • When used appropriately, these would combine the various disjointed looking objects in a room and give an integrated and unique look.
  • Due to the hard-wearing and tough characteristics of seagrass carpets, these are a great choice for highly trafficked areas of a home.
  • Seagrass is moisture resistant. You can easily place it in the dining areas, in children’s’ and pet playrooms, living rooms of big families and bedrooms. The seagrass rugs are usually supported with a backing of latex for preventing slippage.
  • These rugs are hard and do not retain dirt or debris. Thus, these are super easy to clean with your usual vacuuming routine. Seagrass carpets and floor covers are an ideal choice for people who are allergic to dust.
  • Seagrass rugs also help in maintaining healthy humidity levels in the area where these are placed. You get a highly durable, strong, anti-static and stain-resistant in with economical price options.
  • Seagrass provides extra insulation in your home. It not only retains heat but cuts down noise levels as well. Thus, you have a home with its own environment of calmness and poise.

The aesthetic features

The seagrass carpets area a wonderful and splendid addition to the interiors of your home. These have a very smooth finish. However, these should preferably not be used in stairs due to their slippery nature. These are available in half Panama and basket weave patterns. These generally have light brown, beige hues having a slight greenish tinge.

You may change the design style of your home, but you may still find the seagrass carpets to be useful. The natural create has a subtle ability to enhance all kinds of home styles and tie together the different elements of a space.

Sustainable and good for the environment

With choosing seagrass carpets, one is making a sustainable choice. These rugs can be recycled at any time and there is hardly any use for fertilisers or pesticides for growing seagrass. It is procured naturally through harvesting of seagrass in the loaded paddy fields in parts of China and India

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