Strict foods that you need to keep away when you are pregnant

Strict foods that you need to keep away when you are pregnant

The first few months of pregnancy are the most important months. You might be given pregnancy medicine for pain to combat certain issues, but the key is to figure out what you need to have and what not. The first few months will zoom past and you might not be even being aware about those moments of nausea. The euphoria feelings of the mother would give a hard feeling to the mother if they consume something out of the blue. Pregnancy pain medicine will give you relief, but there are certain foods that you need to remove from your system especially during this crucial juncture.

Sea food

It has already been found out that sea food does go on to contain a high level of mercury that can create a lot of issues with the brain development. As you might not even be aware that you are pregnant, it does make sense to keep away from sea food while trying for a baby. It does make sense to include freshwater fish as part of your diet.

Packaged foods

Though there voice is something that would be music to your years, do keep away from packaged foods in the first few months of pregnancy. Do not include foods like juices or packaged milk etc. as part of your diet. Opt for fresh salad and homemade juices as part of your diet.

A comprehensive plan has to be in place so as to formulate a diet chart during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Be careful though it does make sense to try different recipes.


It does make sense to keep away from soft cheese when you are pregnant. They are made from unpasteurized milk and could be the carriers of harmful bacteria. At the same time soft chest also includes gas.

Sugar foods

This might be a lot contrary to the popular belief as you might start to gain weight when you are pregnant. It does not make sense to eat for two at this point of time in any way. But sufficient intake of sugar along with carbohydrates is necessary and you might need close to 300 calories a day that the body needs them to have a healthy baby.  Consume natural sources of sugar to give the body an extra spurt of energy. It does make sense to consume natural sugar along with soothies.


Most of the meats are safe to be confused during the tenure of pregnancy expect pork. At the same time do keep away from seafood. Pork if it is not cooked in not a proper manner can lead to dangerous bacteria.

Milk products

In case if you can digest it there is nothing better than milk. The reason being that it works out to be a rich source of calcium along with vitamin D. The daily intake of milk or any products of the same should be around 1 litre. Mix and match flavours to figure out the best.

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