South Indian Wedding Jewellery Top 3 Trends

South Indian Wedding Jewellery Top 3 Trends

For a woman, the most important occasion in her life is probably her own wedding. There is no other occasion which is as important and splendid as her marriage and not to speak of owning all that fabulous jewellery. A bride till her d-day arrives has to go through many ceremonies and each one calls for a different set of wedding jewellery.

There a variety of wedding jewellery right from the engagement rings , haldi ceremony, mehendi ceremony, tilak, janavasam and many and finally culminating into the wedding. Each of the ceremony has its own importance and the bride is no less than a princess in her precious wedding attire.

  1. Nakshi and temple jewellery – These set of jewellery designs gives the bride a divine and exquisite look. They got an antique finish, yet layered with chains of golden balls and colored beads. Nakshi work is guaranteed to give the bride a fabulous appearance every time she wears the jewellery and not just on her wedding day.

The goddess pendants in this particular type of South Indian Bridal jewellery are set with all sorts of precious stones and are considered very much trendy since the ornaments looks heavy gives an opulent look to the bride.

  1. Antique gold jewellery – Antique finish jewellery has become more popular in India, thanks to its ethnic looks, it has become a significant bridal jewellery choice. This type of jewellery is available in various forms such as Kundan, Meenakari, jadau, etc. Antique jewellery has a dull finish with a black look or Bikaner jewellery that helps in camouflaging the heavy, glittery work on the bridal attire.Vanki, waist belts and heavy neckpieces have all made a huge comeback in South Indian wedding jewellery.
  2. Pacchi jewellery – It is one of the most intricate forms of the art of jewellery making and also originated in Jaipur and is also antique. The pieces are created using colored pacchi leaves, pearls and glass stones. Every leaf is embellished by hand on top of the other thus making pacchi jewellery even more special and unique giving out a three dimensional appearance. Because of its aesthetic design, it has become a favorite among South Indian brides.

All these designs in australian  wedding bands jewellery are extremely unique and beautiful to the hilt. The give the bride a flamboyant appearance as well as ethnicity on a significant occasion without compromising on quality.

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