Rocket League PC Download Tips and Guidelines

Rocket League PC Download Tips and Guidelines

Rocket League is an advanced version of the vehicular mayhem and arcade-style soccer. It has easy-to-navigate controls and a physics-driven competition. The game has competitive and casual online matches offered on the offline season mode. The offline season mode is unique mutators that give you total control over the game making it possible for you to change the rules. There are likewise basketball and hockey-inspired Extra modes to make your navigation simpler.

The game has a cartoon-like design and includes comical details and graphics. It has a futuristic setting. All the highlights and features denote the future something which makes the game play really awesome. The competition is made up of two teams. You have the chance to personalize your preferred team to make your experience better as you race around the big arena and try to hit balls to get them out of the opponent’s possession and score a goal.

It’s up to you to decide the intensity of the play and race. But regardless of how intense you choose to make the race, you should be able to steal balls from opponents and score as many goals as you can. The most intriguing part of the game is that it offers you lots of unlocked content which you can unlock to earn more cars and arenas. You obviously want to have in possession lightweight cars that you can play around with. You have to be able to view the maps and have a breeze throughout the entire play experience.

Requirements for Rocket League PC Download

Rocket League was released on the 8th of September 2016.  The game was designed for the latest versions of Windows and Linux. Chances are high it won’t work on older versions of Mac. You are strongly advised to have the latest integrated video solutions and dedicated GPU. Here are the requirements for rocket league game free download for PC.


  • Windows higher than 7
  • The 2.4GHZ dual-core processor
  • 2 GB ram and minimal storage spacing of 7 GB
  • Broadband internet connection
  • NVIDIA GTX 260 or ATI 4850 Graphics

Mac OS

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 or newer versions
  • Intel Core i7 2.4GHz+ processor
  • Ram of more than 8 GB and storage spacing more than 7 GB
  • OpenGL 4.1 – ATI Radeon HD 5670 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics
  • Broadband internet connection

SteamOS and Linux

  • 5GHz Quad Core processor or higher
  • Storage spacing of more than 7 GB
  • A RAM of 4GB or Higher
  • A strong broadband internet connection
  • ATI 7950or NVIDIA GTX 660 or stronger

How To Download Rocket League

Rocket League is a sold video game. You have to invest some goodies to get the download link for the game. There are, however, several sites that offer the cracked version for free.  Look out for such sites online. To avoid feeding your PC with viruses, you have to install the Antivirus program before you start the download.


This is the guide to downloading and installing rocket league video game free of charge. Keep all the mentioned items in considerations and you will have the most intriguing experience ever.

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