Promote your business, now with bulk SMS service

Promote your business, now with bulk SMS service

Short Message Service or SMS is used to send and receive messages up to 160 alpha-numeric characters on telephone and mobile phones through certain network operators. These SMSs are used for both personal and professional motives to give and receive information.  SMSs are still, a very popular source of exchanging information among people, even though mobile apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat are very commonly used. SMS service providers enable businesses to communicate with their customers by sending them messages that include information related to their business. They ensure that messages are sent without delay or losses and offer guarantee of message deliveries with proper optimized routing.

 The bulk SMS service providers in Gurgaon are based on SS7 connectivity that enables easy and direct transmission of messages from sender to the recipient in the corporate world. They are used for marketing purposes such as promotions, coupons, invitation to events, bills and invoice, information about updates, satisfaction surveys, lottery participations etc.  These SMS service providers have served as an instrument to be able to connect the business worlds personally with their customers. They are used as a medium for promotions of brands. It is one of the most used marketing techniques by companies as it has a fast reach rate. The common businesses that use these services are catalog sale companies, cloth brands, supermarkets, restaurants, education sector and government services.

Common man is on his phone for an average of four hours and is very likely to pay attention to these commercial messages and the click rate is also very high. So, SMS is an easy way to connect with the customers. Also, SMS Marketing is the new telemarketing as business calls are less likely to be received but SMS are regularly seen by the mobile phone users. Sending SMS in Gurgaon, India has become very easy with a large number of SMS service providers coming in the market. There are some leading and reliable bulk SMS service provider in Gurgaon. They offer various services such as transactional and promotional bulk SMS including OTP services.

These service providers have their own infrastructure with dedicated customer care teams who are technical experts in this field. Most of them offer 100% uptime. The messages can be sent to all mobile networks with equal charges all over India. Bulk SMS is one of the most effective marketing tool with high returns on small investments that provides brand recognition, brand loyalty and increase in sales. They make it easy to connect to new clients and retain the old ones. Internet-based devices are used to send messages and promote services and products to a targeted set of audience. Security systems and authentication features are inbuilt for verification purposes and hassle-free transmissions. For a result driven industry, fast and accurate reporting and delivery tracking is a must and, these service providers work to make sure that the objectives are met.  They use IVR reminders to generate alerts and notifications and increase customer engagement and personally catering to the needs of all types of businesses whether big, medium or small.

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