Creating Pop Music into An Amazing Form of Art!

Peter Max – Creating Pop Music into An Amazing Form of Art!

Everyone has listened to pop music and remember the iconic music artists that ruled the world with amazing vocals and talent. They became a role model for many young people especially in the 1960s to 1970s when a psychedelic rock hit the market. Though some people believe that art and pop music can hardly go together, this is not true. In fact, some iconic and famous artists have combined the two to create an amazing form of art!

Peter Max- creating outstanding pop and cosmic art in the USA

Peter Max is an inspirational artist in the USA in the field of pop and cosmic art. He has used his imagination to create bold and bright styles, themes and patterns that have wooed millions across the world. He has been influenced by many astronomical elements that find a focal place in his art. His mom and dad had encouraged him when it came to pursuing arts from a very young age. He later went on to take training from some of the best artists in the world. He has been associated in the field of pop and cosmic art since the last 50 years and is still going strong with his creative pursuits.

His amazing journey as pop and cosmic artist

He started his journey five decades ago in the field of advertising and is still remembered for the popular 7-up ad campaign. He has stolen the hearts of many pop and cosmic art lovers from across the world with music posters he created for The Beatles with whom he was close friends with. He also created some astonishing music posters for music bands popular in that era. His works are often put on display on famous museums and galleries. You can go through some of his famous works on Facebook. He is passionate about painting and draws inspiration from daily life with success.

Breaking traditional norms and creating vibrant pieces of art

He is known to break traditional norms and is fond of creating artwork that is bright and colorful. He loves to use the cosmic elements of the universe and has been the official painter for world-famous events like Super Bowl, the Grammy Awards, NHL and more. He has been selected to paint the portraits of 6 American Presidents of the country, and they are still displayed in major embassies of the world. He loves to use styles and patterns that are big and bright. His work stands out primarily because of their blend of bright colors and themes. He has even painted the same subject in many ways. His Statute of Liberty series is an example of the above!

The Santa Barbara Oil Spill deeply moved Peter Max in 1969, and since then he has been creating artwork with a message to protect the environment. His works spread the message out to everyone to stop polluting the Earth and start protecting the environment. He is dedicated to spreading the message of the need for recycling to protect the planet and humanity.

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