Make Your Labour Easy With Online Contraction Timer

Make Your Labour Easy With Online Contraction Timer

If you are a would-be-mother, who is at the end of the pregnancy, then the contraction timer would definitely help you to understand if it’s time to go to the labour room.  There are several contraction timers available these days, some of which are online and can be linked with your smartphone for a clearer result.

What are Contractions during Labor?

Labour contractions are periodic tightening and relaxing of uterine muscles, caused by stimulation of oxytocin hormone by the pituitary gland. This triggers cramps, and back and forth wave-like movement in the abdomen. These contractions tighten and loosen the upper part of the uterus, while the cervix gets stretched and relaxed, making the baby passes through the canal easily. Contraction timer online is one trusted method to reduce tension and confusions.

Labor contractions cause cervical change. Since pregnant women cannot and should not check their own cervix, the contraction timer comes as a rescue- checks the pattern and behaviour- and thus reduces the chance of getting confused with the false ones.

It sometimes gets difficult for pregnant women, who are close to their delivery weeks, to differentiate true labour contractions and false one. Irregular contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions, occur in the last few weeks before childbirth, happen in lower intensity and sometimes do not last long like the real ones. This also stops after some time.

Women, who are expecting, sometimes get confused and think they are in the time to go to the labour room because of the contractions. However, one important factor that distinguishes a true labour contraction from a false one is the nature of progression. True contractions, when compared to false ones, are stronger, regular, and last longer.

What does a contraction timer do?

As we said, contraction timers allow the pregnant mother to understand if it’s time to go to the labour or not. As per the timer’s reader, the doctor decides whether or not the baby is ready to come out. A contraction timer allows the onlooker to see the contraction pattern.

How to figure out real contractions with timer?

Contraction timer for pregnancy is undoubtedly one such tool that can help women decide whether they contact with the doctor and go to the hospital for childbirth.

As we said earlier, real contractions follow a few patterns. These happen at regular periods, get stronger with time, last longer, become more frequent as labour time comes close, and so not stop even after changing positions, walking or lying down.

Also, real contractions can be tracked with the online contraction timers as they read the formula perfectly.  4-1-2 rule is perfectly read by contraction timer. This simple formula means that each contraction is four minutes apart, lasts for one minute and will retain for at least two hours.

However, when you are in contraction, there are chances that you are counting wrong contractions out of tension. An online timer makes sure if you are ready to go into the labour. The timer reads exact contraction intensity, helping the doctor to determine if it’s the right time.

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