Let's turn back to history

Let’s turn back to history

All the virus that exists today has been owing to its root of origin somewhere down the timeline which has been identified notorious of its time. Before it has removed and developments have been made to prevent it, the destruction and damage incurred are huge. However, they are reduced now due to the impact of technological advancements.  Go for a tech’s support like Norton chat support the UKif you detect any on your device as soon as possible.

Some of the most destructive virus attacks in no particular order are,


Causing damage of about $10 million this happens to one of the destructible viri of its time. It spread through social media. It made people click on the txt.file in order to spread and damage the computer of the holder. It was basically developed by Filipino programmers.

The virus was so vulnerable that various organisations and governments had to remain shut. Also, it is estimated that about 10 of the users got affected by it. It made use of emails as a means to spread and develop its reign. However, the inventors weren’t punished. This was the major reason for passing the E-commerce law.

My doom

This is yet another virus that took email as a mode of spreading. It leads to a loss of about $38 million. Though the creator and his identity remain anonymous, it is believed that he would have been asked by someone to create such a virus.

Apart from this it true that the worm exists even. So be careful when you are opening an email. It was ultimately programmed to destroy SCO group. It carried a text message saying “andy; I am just doing my job, nothing personal.” This virus was kind of freaking as well.


This one started its journey in late 2011 has affected more 6000,000 macs. This virus is still out there waiting for an opportunity to invade your computers.

Above all the one advantage which it carries is that it does not spread like the rest above. Nearly 20000 infections are approximately reported of virus attacks. Apple took the issue to come up with a solution. It partnered with the Oracle and provided an updated version.


This happens to be a most recent one. It started destroying computers in 2009. It was a trojan form of the virus which had been developed by a botnet. It affected numerous multinationals leading to a loss of millions.

The impact and its effect were seen all around the world. Though the creator proclaimed his retirement many suspect his decision. So guys are careful.

As a matter of fact, 1 among the 14 downloads that you make carries the virus. Some are deadly while some are easy to handle. Keeping your guard ready and strong will help you in your combat against them. But in such a case going for professional help will sound good enough like that of Norton chat support the UK.

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