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Ladies Watches to Match Your Personality Type!

When was the last time you looked at your watch to figure out the hours of the day? Well, the answer maybe a no for most of you reading this. Gone are the days when the primary purpose of a watch would be only to keep us updated with time.

Watches are so much more than just timekeepers now-a-days. They are a complete accessory in themselves that can make or break your look.

With the several brands, different colors, many styles available these days, how does one go about finding the right watch for oneself? Well, here is a quick list which matches watch styles & recommendations to your personality types. Read on to find out which personality type best describes you and our befitting ladies watches recommendations for you.

  1. Stylish &Glamorous

Fossil watches offer an interesting range of ladies watches for the style diva in you, who likes to dress up & feel glamorous, while being a taskmaster adept at handling many facets of life at once.

Here’s our first pick for you, the Fossil Quartz Movement Metallic Analogue Pink Dial Women’s Watch – WFIF-ES3268I

This is a great choice for our fashionable ladies out there. It can be the best friend for your jewelry with the bracelet-look complimented by soft design. It has a metallic strap with a 32 mm round dial. This is perfect for the day look as well as a great accessory to compliment your formal evening looks. You also have a color option for silver which will be great for your Indian outfits.

Another one of our favorites is the Fossil Riley Analog White & Beige Dial Women’s Watch -ES3466

For those of you looking for more glamour and bling, this one can be a perfect choice with the leather and stainless steel look, complimented by the soft color tones. This one is a good mix of size and sophistication with a 38mm dial supported by multi function showing you the date of the month, day of week & time for the day in a 24-hour format. We have heard customers say that this fossil watch is an owner’s pride.

  1. Contemporary yet timeless

Fossil Virginia Analog Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s Watch – ES3716

This watch is a blend of modern steel with vintage stone-work works well for the modern contemporary taste with vintage charm.

This heavenly timekeeper has a 30mm dial set of a 14mm wide rose-gold stainless steel band with stone. It brings to you a simple dial which is simple by no means; it is timeless yet has an aura of the modern day woman, who is independent, yet grounded in her roots. The Roman numerals with stick indexes give it a beautiful, elegant look.

  1. Sporty & adventurous

Here’s a pick for the fun, creative girl in you. TheFossil Venture Analog-Digital Black Dial Women’s Watch – FTW6005.

This one has a built-in activity tracker which will help you stay on top of your activity levels by tracking your steps, distance along with calories burned. All the information can also be synced with your phone. Alongside all your activities, it will keep you connected to your texts, calls, messages through display notifications with touchscreen functionality.

Moreover, there is a built-in speaker that can carry out tasks for you with voice commands. As for the battery life, it can last you upto 24 hours, based on your usage levels. Isn’t that amazing!

You also have an option to replace the strap with any 18mm Fossil brand straps, offering you a plethora of options based on your everyday look and mood.

  1. Practical & classy

Are you someone who is looking for a perfect blend of tech prowess and great design? TheFossil Jacqueline Analog White Dial Women’s Watch – ES3797brings these two worlds together to create this timeless piece.

This watch has a medium-sized 26mm dial with a 10mm wide stainless steel band, making it a watch for all seasons. The stainless steel make will help this watch to last a lifetime. And the not-too-wide band size makes it nearly perfect for all wrist sizes.

You have many color options to choose from, and this is a classic watch that you can wear each day, as well as dress it up or dress down, as you feel like. It is one watch which every lady should own.

  1. Minimalistic & on-the-move

Our top choice for you would be the Fossil Analog White Dial Women’s Watch – ES4368.

It is a perfect combination of the best technology as well as the aesthetics a beautiful accessory demands. It has a 36 mm dial with a 14 mm wide leather strap. This is a great option for all age groups with the petite design and classic look.

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