Importance of Plants

Importance of Plants

A plant is a nature’s gift as they are beneficial for us in many ways. They provide us with a variety of things to fulfil our daily requirements, including the food to eat, air to breath, clothes to wear, wood, medicine, shelter, etc. Plants are known as the primary producers, and all other living organisms on this planet are dependent on plants.

The ecosystem in which we are all living is mainly composed of biotic and abiotic components. Biotic components are primarily composed of flora and fauna. The word flora refers to plants and fauna is all about the animals and their life. The abiotic components mainly include rocks, mountains, water bodies, etc. There are more than 400,000 species of plants on this planet, and all play an important role in supporting life on maintaining the quality of the atmosphere by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, absorbing carbon dioxide, and a lot more.

Let us know more in detail about how plants play an important role in our life.

Plant and Food

Plants are essential for human nutrition. There are numerous plants and trees on this planet, which provides us with vegetables, fruits, seeds, species, essence, edible oils, beverages, and other food products.

Plants and Medicines

Plants are a great source of medicine. According to modern history, many life-threatening diseases were cured by preparing pastes from the roots, herbs, barks and some leaves of different plants. Aspirin, sandalwood, basil leaves, clove oil, Cinchona are all good examples of medicinal plants which are even used today in many pharmaceutical industries.

Plants and Industries

Other than food and medicines, plants and trees play an essential role in Industries. There are many raw materials obtained by plants and huge trees used for producing various industrial products including paper, spices, cosmetics, pencils, rubber, furniture, and other household products. Perfumes and other essential oils are extracted from different parts of a flower and seeds.

There are different parts of plants, which are beneficial to humans in several ways.

For instance: Coconut tree.

This tree is generally known as the kalpavriksha or tree of life, as every part of this tree is useful for humans.

  1. The roots are used for making brush, dyes and other medicines.
  2. The trunk is used as good sources of timbers.
  3. The leaves are used as the roofing material for houses, preparing brooms, wrapping and also as a fuel for cooking.
  4. Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts and is used worldwide as a source of cooking oil, in medicines and other various applications.
  5. The Coconut fruit is used as an ingredient for preparing sweets, spicy powders, chutneys, curries and a lot more.

These were some interesting information related to plants.

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