How to Pick the Right Prom Dress for Your Daughter

How to Pick the Right Prom Dress for Your Daughter

Being a mother to a daughter has its own fun and charms. Many women crave for daughters simply because it is so much fun to dress them like a princess. A mommy daughter bond adds to the beauty of this relationship and daughters tend to grow older and become your pal before you even realize. If you are a mom to a teenage daughter you will understand the pressures. Most of the time your daughter will entrust you with her problems and will need you to sort them out for you. One of the important times when young girls are dependant on motherly assistance are to prep up for their very first prom nights. This is the perfect opportunity for you to play a fairy godmother to your little Cinderella and make her look like a princess straight out of some Disney movie. The million dollar question is how?

Picking up the right prom dresses for such young girls is quite a task since there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. It is important that you create a balance between your pocket, the current trends and of course the rules that might be attached to the age group of your daughter. If you are clueless about how to get the perfect outfit for the evening without letting her down, this quick guide will help you.

Set a Budget

Before anything else, decide how much you would want to spend on her prom outfit. Consider the fact that you might have other related expenditures too such as shows, accessories and hair and makeup, therefore, make sure you do not exhaust all your money on the dress alone. That being said, it is important that you set a realistic budget. It is not difficult to find cheap prom dresses, but the question is how cheap is cheap for you. Prom dress tends to be expensive because of the fine fabric and intricate details, therefore, do not go so low on the budget that you end up compromising on the quality. A poorly stitched gown or the rhinestones falling off on the floor would be an embarrassment for her.

Know the Trends

Even if you were known as the queen of proms back in your college life, it is 2019 and your daughter might not be fond of your 70s fashion unless she is going vintage of course. Follow some fashion blogs and Instagram to get an idea about the latest trends and look up where you can find them within your budget.

Know the Rules

School proms for young kids usually have certain rules associated with them and it is important that you respect and follow the dress code if there is one. In most cases, your daughter’s school will not appreciate dresses that are too provocative such as plunging neckline and backless and bare shoulder gowns. Try to find something modest, age-appropriate yet trendy. Pick something that she can carry comfortably without feeling awkward.

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