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Emerging PR Services, Communication And Distribution Channels

We bridge the gap between traditional PR approches and services and create aur psychometric methods building framework to identify the brand problems and hence define tailor-made solutions for numerous purposes such as brand  awareness , audience , engagement , a higher share of voice {SOV} , thought leadership, product, reputation management and many more. The public ethics help us in driving the business results for the brands and a case study can help you in analysis of work. By following  the certain steps.

Step 1. Research

Research about the category and compose a bench mark of content strategies that can be helpful for brand.

Step 2.  Identify

Identify the words of influence that impressively says a lot about your brand’s target buyers.

Step.3 Vet

Vet is an influensive topic who are a good contextual  fit with your Brand.

Step.4 Relate and Engage

You should relate and engage your target influencers via Email and other social networks.

Step.5 Measure

Measure  and forecast all the ends earned through media and identify which influencers and which topic lift your Brand the most

Step.6 Repeat

Now once you have indentified who and what works best for your brand u can now create a stronger imperasive market policies and strategies each time around.


The most creative PR stunt South east Asia – PR awards 2017 .  viral marketing campaign- india Digital Awards 2017. Best  viral marketing campaign- Drivers of digital awards 2017. Public relations service is the best way to offer marketing strategy.

There are millions of mobile apps out on the market that claim to be the app that’s going to make your life objective in technology PR tremendously easier. In mostcases  there  could not be farther from truth. However   finding  the app of your dream is like finding a Gold and offcourse they will hold a vital spot in your arsenal of digital tools. Luckily, if  you work in the realm of digital marketing you can skip past all the research and check out my top  essentials apps that i can use every single day.


Upitch  is a mobile app that allows you to post a pitch, and you can wait for the jounalists and news outlets comes to you, rather than you having to pursue them. This is as similar platforms as HARO, except rather than seeing what the reporters want and adjusting your content to reflects you their topics , upitch lets you send the information out and have the publication that comes to you.


This is the best app through which you can hookup to your gmail that notifies you when someone opens or reads your gmails. This  is  extremely   helpful  when it comes to dealing with pitches , and determining if you have sent inforation out to.


Instead of attaching series of images to emails, we use Dropbox to direct reporters to a link for a folder containing all of the images and assist inorder  to cover a client story.

Besides this we have many apps similar such as Go to meeting,  LinkedIn , Buffer and Apple News.

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