Eat the Delicious and Hygienic Food While Travelling in Train

Eat the Delicious and Hygienic Food While Travelling in Train

In the world, Indian Railways is among the biggest manually functioned networks. Any traveler can make the most of the train journey when it is about travelling in Indian Railways. It is very much cost-effective. Still, it is completely based on your budget, it likewise permits you to select which class you prefer to travel in. Additionally, the Indian Railways also runs many special trains during peak seasons, like puja vacations, summer holidays and so on. Ticket booking as well as reservation procedures are very simple and therefore, Indian Railways make travelling worth experiencing.

The best thing that makes your train journey much amazing is sumptuous food! A few of the food in train provided on the overnight trains is truly what you would consider ideal. Aside fromfood served in the Rajdhani, it is just superb.

Here are some of the delicious food that you can afford to miss: –

  • The essential Veg Thali:Meat should be avoidable while travelling. Sufficient time is needed to get them digested and later, this can result in creating some problem for you. So, for a light and lavish dinner or lunch, classic Vegetarian Thali is the ideal choice. They comprise of roti, dal, rice, sabzi and sometimes even papad. You may also prefer to eat some fresh cut salad on the side too. The thalis are available in the quantity that is generally adequate for a single person, and if your kids are with you during travelling, then half a thali would be acceptable.

  • Paranthas are the first love:If you are thinking about what will you have in your breakfast time while travelling in a train during the daytime, then without having a second thought, go for buttery paranthasand enjoy it with curd or achar. This food will keep your stomach feel full, till lunch time and the beneficial curd aids in digestion as well as let your body feel cool. This is the ideal combo, particularly meant for breakfast on trains. You can forget about having bread and omelette that are basically available on trains and choose this dish tomorrow.


  • A big yes to the roti or rice combo meal:If eating light dinner is what you prefer and have a great desire for either roti or rice, then you can go these combo foods. The roti combo meal comprises some rotis and sabzi when the rice combo meal has one plate dal and rice. One combo meal is sufficient to provide to single adult. To finish your food with a healthy or nice twist, you can opt for curd rice. It enhances your digestion and aids in keeping you fit.

These are a few of the finest dishes that you must give a try, if you are travelling for the first time in Rajdhani. The caterers serve fresh and hot food in train, so the possibilities of getting food poisoning is very less. The food you eat will be hygienic and good for your health.

Happy Travelling!

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