Car Rental Tips: Avoid Getting Your Budget Emptied – Follow These Tricks!

Car Rental Tips: Avoid Getting Your Budget Emptied – Follow These Tricks!

Finding a good car rental company doesn’t need you to cost a lot. Whether you’re a first-timer or not, there are factors you might need to consider if you want to save more money. If you’re planning for a long trip or a vacation, you just need a set of wheels to make it happen. But who wants to pay for more than $70-100 a day for a rental car?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to pay for that, with these following tricks, it’ll help you to find a cheap but quality rental car not only to enjoy the whole trip but also to save more money as well.

  1. The Airport is No-Go!

To be honest, renting at the airport is pretty convenient when flying to a new city. But the convenience comes with a price, a premium price, to be exact. Renting at the airport can cause you a lot because of the surcharges and other additional fees.

  1. Make Use of the Internet: Shop Around!

Before signing any car rental agreement, check first several rental car websites about their rates, promotional, discounts, and their terms and conditions. Compare these rental companies with one another, check which car rental company offers great deals with a quality vehicle.

Some car rental companies offer discounts and promo codes when you book online than booking over the phone. Once you find your chosen car rental company, make a reservation. If you book to a nonrefundable rental car company, you can cancel your reservation if you find another company with a better price offer.

  1. Become a Member: Join Loyalty Rewards Membership

Some suv and truck car rentals offer a loyalty membership reward for their loyal customers. Especially if you’re a frequent car renter, joining the membership is very convenient. Most of these loyalty programs are free and easy, plus, it also comes with perks of free upgrades or gives you the right to skip the lines. Your rewards points can be used for free upgrades, free rentals, and sometimes free use of some car accessories.

  1. Ask for a Discounts

If you’re a practical person, don’t be shy to ask for a discount. You may ask the employee if they offer a discount for a first-timer renter or loyal renter. Some rental car companies, allow their customers to get a discount for first-timer renter, some of these are generous enough to give you at least a 5-10% discount. Sometimes, if a discount is not possible, they’ll give their client a freebie, like for example, free use of GPS or a car seat.

  1. Book Early as Possible

One of the most common mistakes of the renters out there is booking a car the day before their appointment. To be honest, this type of booking can cost you a lot. If the service is rush, expect that the price has a high premium compared to the regular rates. So it is highly recommended to book a car early at least a week or two before your scheduled trip.

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