Applications of Video Analytics

Applications of Video Analytics

Video analytics software was formed in order to check the increasing hours of surveillance videos which a security guard or a manager may never have time to watch. The video surveillance system is useful as long as you can actually capture and watch the videos and video analytics helps you with that.

Today many videos analytics software companies are working hard and making your surveillance system more useful, efficient, reduces workload on management and security staff and helps in capturing the full value of security video by making your IP camera system more efficient in its work.

How video Analytics can help you?

The security guard, sitting in a closed room and watching the security camera feed live and is hoping to catch something suspicious is the old method of video surveillance.  This method relies on a person physically present, watching and reviewing the videos which are not efficient of practical. Different people can have different focus and different perception of a suspicious activity. Video analytics software changes this method by using the software to monitor your videos around the day and also alerts you on any activity; therefore you only need to monitor the videos when something happens. This provides the best utilization of the surveillance system is done, saving the person time and effort.

Video Analytics can be used for detecting the motion of a person in the room. It can also be used for recognizing the face and remembering for future use. This can also help in counting people, dwell time monitoring at the retail stores and recognizing huge lines at checkouts and sending the alerts.

Let’s find more benefits of video recognition for business:

  • Increasing the school security
  • Reduce spending
  • Reduction of property damage
  • Emergency Response
  • Increase safety of people
  • Reducing crime
  • Improve life quality
  • Gives loitering alerts in areas such as campus, dorms, streets, buildings and parks
  • Triggering of automatic actions such as turn on of lights and lock down of doors
  • Identification of activities like spray pain ting and breaking of window panes
  • Sending of automatic mail notifications and alarms to students and staff
  • Identifications of suspicious bags and objects
  • Alerting to the objects blocking emergency exits
  • Identifying heavy pedestrian areas
  • Monitoring and management of queues at government service desks
  • Filtering through days of videos within seconds through intelligent search
  • Decrease security threats
  • The retail video analytics solution helps in increasing sales
  • Reduces spending
  • Ensure procedural compliance
  • Reduction in theft
  • Ensure procedural compliance
  • Improvement in quality control
  • Identification of irregular activities on production line
  • Receiving immediate alerts if equipments are removed during off hours
  • Identification of suspicious vehicles or parcels
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Reducing shrinkage in business
  • Measuring business performance
  • Increase in travel frequency
  • Enhancement in customer experience
  • Helps in counting people entering the store
  • Measuring traffic flow by aisle, display or other areas
  • Be alerted to the customers on the register
  • Identification of after-hours activity
  • Identification of suspicious shopping behavior
  • Detect removal of pricey items
  • Measuring passenger occupancy

Video analytics system is given with a wide range of features which makes them easy to fit into any surveillance system.

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