All You Wanted to Know About Air Miles

All You Wanted to Know About Air Miles

Airline miles are points earned by customers of airline flyers which are redeemable against the price of travel with a specific airline.

Air miles, as they are called, are applied by the airlines to earn the customers’ loyalty and in turn provide great benefits to the customer. The more times you fly, the more you earn miles depending on how far you fly. The miles can be used for buying tickets. They can be redeemed not only for free travel but also upgrades to business class, free car rentals or hotel stays. But there are certain conditions that need to be met and to earn more miles, you can employ some simple techniques.

How to earn miles?

Most of the times, flying is not the only way to accumulate points. Air miles, also known as frequent flier miles, can also be earned by swiping your credit card, dining out, renting cars, re-fuelling, shopping, etc.

But before all this, you have to register yourself for that airlines’ membership and then each time you buy a ticket, you have to provide the frequent flyer number.


For enrolling in any airlines programme, you have to submit a few of your details like name, date of birth, residing country and citizenship, phone number and mail id. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the programme, you are good to go.

Some tips and tricks

  1. As discussed before, if you want to earn points without actually flying, you can apply for a credit card that is associated with the loyalty program. This way, you would be earning points for every penny you are spending. Apart from this, most credit cards give you bonus miles to encourage you for signing up. Sometimes, the bonus itself is enough for a free air ticket. Another one that many people do is to sign up for multiple credit cards and get the sign up bonus from each of them. Does not seem to be a bad idea!
  2. When you are shopping at the partner stores, buy things that give additional miles.
  3. Redeem the miles only at the last minute: All airlines increase their ticket prices when the departure date is nearing. But for air miles, the number is fixed. So if you book tickets at the last moment, mile points give a better value for each of them.
  4. Make the entire family contribute: Once you are a member, request for additional cards under your name. Let your spouse and children use your card to make purchases, so that the whole family gets maximum points.


The process of redeeming air miles is similar all over. In the airlines website, just choose miles as the mode of payment. The conditions to be met are different for different airlines, but there are generally 3 ways of doing it:

  • You can exchange the points for a free ticket
  • You can exchange them for a ticket with a lesser price and then pay the difference by cash
  • Redeem the points for an upgrade to business class and enjoy your miles.

With this post, you would be sure to better accumulate air miles and redeem it for attractive rewards, offers and deals.

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